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Over the past 18 years, Dr. Gravelle has been a key instructor at the renown Business School for Entrepreneurs (BSE). This top-rated entrepreneurial school is held several times/year, mostly in Asia (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia & Singapore). It is offered in English annually. For details, please visit  
SG is available on a limited basis to teach and/or speak about: business in general, financial strategies, bringing new products/services to market, television and online marketing, as well as on deeper subjects like Thriving through Adversity, Psychology behind high-level athletic performance, What it takes to make it in business, sports, and in life, and numerous other subjects adapted to almost any audience.
International Business School for Entrepreneurs
The Foundation for Equestrian Athletes, formerly known as Equestrian Spirit, is a not-for-profit entity working with and supporting thousands of charities in 27 countries, all dedicated to helping people benefiting from their relationship with horses. Driven by his daughter's interest in horses (see ), SG's new passion is all about helping others. Using his experience and wide network, he enjoys taking part in all kinds of horse-related activities, especially in the show jumping venues. For the past several years, he has volunteered his time to horse-show organizations, from local to international. Thank you to Julie's coaches and supporters over the years: Carole LagacÚ, Arianne Girard and Olivia Van den Berg in Canada, as well as Allison Wicks (UT) for three years, Cindy Cruciotti (CO), Fran & Annie Dotoli (VT), Don Stewart and his great team at Don Stewart Stables (FL), Melanie Smith, Mindy Bower and others. 

While continuing to help resolve some financial issues for numerous companies trapped in the present economy, SG strategically positions himself to work on "money-now" ventures such as real estate and specific marketing projects. His favorite: helping charities becoming financially self-sufficient.
Equestrian Spirit

Business ventures

Created in honor of his spiritual guide, The Renor Foundation represents the legacy SG wants to leave behind. One particular project is the Perinatal Loss Initiative headed by Serge's spouse of 37 years, Paula; this much needed system targeting mothers suffering the loss of a baby at birth or a stillborn, has been adopted by Hospitals in many U.S. states and in Canada. A loss at birth or a stillborn does cruelly shatter expectations, hopes and dreams, and changes lives forever. It has been often said that the loss of a baby is the most painful event someone can go through in life  --  this program has already helped many families to cope.  Please contact Serge directly for any information in that regard. However, Renor is nowadays more recognized by its unique online platform supporting charities around the world. See

The Renor Foundation