Dr. Serge Gravelle
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About Serge Gravelle
Entrepreneur, teacher, family man,
generous human-being
As an entrepreneur
The creation of over 15 companies plus taking an active part in the management of over 30 entities over the years have helped Dr. Gravelle acquire a keen, down-to-earth business-sense and become in the process a nexialist and a business architect. Over the past 25+ years, he has consulted with literally thousands of entrepreneurs and companies worldwide. From start-up to multi-million dollars companies, as a founder, a manager or a consultant, Dr. Gravelle leaves a sense of positive effect and results with whoever he works with and to whatever level he is involved.
As a teacher
For the past 20 years, Dr. Gravelle has been an instructor at two main entrepreneurial schools. First with Income Builders International, now known as CEO Space, and now with the high integrity, high result-based International Business School for Entrepreneurs ( His teaching is based on real-life cases and his own experience - he incorporates humor and personal stories to get his message across effectively and remembered. Joining the ROTP program of the Canadian Armed Forces in order to be able to get the education his parents could not afford to pay for, he completed a degree in fitness education and a minor in psychology at the University of Ottawa (Canada). After quickly repaying his debt he retired at the rank of Captain from the military and went directly into business, full-time.
As a family man & a giver to society
Along with spirituality, family is what matters the most to SG. His love for family, instated by what he qualifies "the best parents one can hope for" is reflected on how he treats people, independently of their background and status. He has been volunteering for "good causes" for the past 35 years. Believing in the importance of sport activities and education, his countless hours of volunteer work have mainly been in relation to: 1. the many sports organizations his family has been involved over the years, from local all the way to international levels; and 2. family activities related to the creation of a system now used by numerous hospitals in Canada and USA to help mothers cope with the death of a newborn.
NOTE: In 1998 Dr. Gravelle was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Business Management and Marketing based on his business experience and the numerous books written. For personal reasons Dr. Gravelle decided to stop using his title for a few years. He now uses it sporadically. [Click here for full bio]
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